Jake Daane

Principal investigator
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Assistant professor at the University of Houston in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry.


Convergent genomics of longevity in rockfishes highlights the genetics of human life span variation

Speciation genomics and the role of depth in the divergence of rockfishes (Sebastes) revealed through Pool-seq analysis of enriched sequences

Adaptations and Diversity of Antarctic Fishes- A Genomic Perspective

Modulation of bioelectric cues in the evolution of flying fishes

Refining Convergent Rate Analysis with Topology in Mammalian Longevity and Marine Transitions

Developmental constraint shaped genome evolution and erythrocyte loss in Antarctic fishes following paleoclimate change

Veiled mirrors - fish fins giving insight into size regulation

Adaptations to environmental change - Globin superfamily evolution in Antarctic fishes

celsr1a is essential for tissue homeostasis and onset of aging phenotypes in the zebrafish

Historical contingency shapes adaptive radiation in Antarctic fishes

Bioelectric-calcineurin signaling module regulates allometric growth and size of the zebrafish fin

Genetic Screen for Postembryonic Development in the Zebrafish (Danio rerio)- Dominant Mutations Affecting Adult Form

Parallelism and Epistasis in Skeletal Evolution Identified through Use of Phylogenomic Mapping Strategies

Bioelectric signaling regulates size in zebrafish fins

Hedgehog signaling in the posterior region of the mouse gastrula suggests manifold roles in the fetal-umbilical connection and posterior morphogenesis

Mesothelium of the murine allantois exhibits distinct regional properties